Permanent Stands

Offer your clients an extraordinary experience in your store

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Permanent StandShoe Shine unit dimensions
  • All inclusive service
  • Transport of the booth to your location
  • Training of the Shoe Shine Specialists
  • Professional uniform
  • All necessary equipment and supplies
  • Custom design available

Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlour design & building services will provide your company with a one-stop solution to offer customers The Perfect Shoe Shine. Our professional design and construction experts work together to create a seamless process that includes construction, onsite management, delivery, and installation.


Our consulting services will provide you with recruitment support of one shoe shine specialist. Selected recruits will apprentice under skilled team for a 2-week training period. Your staff will learn The Perfect Shine at the Toronto International Airport, and bring exclusive Walter’s “snap effect” to each customer. We will provide a luxury leather apron to certify them as ‘Walter’s Shoe Shine Specialists’.


Walter’s Shoe Shine operational supplies and Walter’s Shoe Care products will be provided at favorable pricing as a value exchange towards the partnership.

How it works

1. Contact us

The first step is the easiest and quickest! We can be reached by text message, phone  call, email or completing the form below.

2. Meeting

Consulting with a specialists to provide you with a basic preliminary offer.

3. Agreement

We will work together towards a solution that would make your Parlour project a long term success.

4. Design

Our marketing team provides you full support in the designing process. We have extensive experience in customizing Shoe Shine Parlours.

5. Building

Walter’s Shoe Shine Parlour will build, ship and set up the booth. We will assist you in recruiting process and train your staff to become extraordinary professionals.