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Toronto Airport shoe shine locations

Terminal 1

  • US/Transborder flights: Opposite Duty Free & Pizza Pizza
  • US/Transborder flights: Near Gate F65
  • Domestic flights: Near Gate D20
  • Domestic flights: Near Gate D33
  • International flights: Transfer Corridor Near Escalator

Terminal 3

  • US/Transborde flights: Post Security
  • Domestic flights: near Gate C26

Opening hours: Everyday: 5AM-8 PM

Management phone:+416 782 4492

Montreal Airport shoe shine locations

Walter’s Shoe Shine

  • Domestic flight area, next to the information center, gates 1 and 2
  • Between Domestic and International flight areas. next to automated teller, gates 49 and 50
  • Transborder flight area, next to information center, gates 75 and 76

Salons de cirage Walter’s

  • Zone Domestique, Porte de l’aéroport 1,2
  • Zone Internationale, Porte de l’aéroport 49, 50
  • Zone Transfrontaliére (É-U), Porte de l’aéroport 75,76

Opening hours:

Work days: 6 AM – 10 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Domestic Parlour only 12PM -6PM

On-site contact: Alejandro, 514 219 8725, email: alejandro[at]
Management phone:+416 782 4492 email:

Edmonton Airport shoe shine locations

Edmonton Airport offers one location:

  • Domestic flight area, Central Hall, close to gates 50 and 52, next to Starbucks

Opening hours

Work days: 6 AM – 3:30 PM

Weekends: Closed

On-site contact: Susan, email: sgodin[at]
Management phone:+416 782 4492 email: